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High quality cosmetics wholesale gift box printing, effectively speed up production by 65. 5%

by:Welm     2020-07-05
A company want to become bigger and stronger, must have the service, good service is speed. The faster the better the service experience, customers can feel more stress. But every company is painful, such as high-quality cosmetics wholesale gift packaging gift box printing, look very simple, actually is a step is multifarious, a waste of time. Now Hong Kong star effective customer overall speed increased by 65. 5%. 1: in addition to large cargo document processing designer is more responsible for proofing proofing designers. Customers proofing before the big goods, the day can give to the customer see the effect, can docking site and the customer needs to be changed. Will need to row of single waiting time before saving. '+ 1 printer, no longer like before a color printer, will again last not only no but also sets a big waste of time ( After working for the front printing ink to print the next, very waste of time, such as is often the things the night) 。 Multiple color also printed at one time, in terms of quality and speed are improved significantly. 3: automatic hot stamping machine and automatic die cutting machine. When in the design of high quality cosmetics wholesale gift box printing file for there are a lot of fine workmanship, such as hot stamping, hit convex ( Hit a convex place close to the knife line) And die cutting. Hong Kong star will be in automatic hot stamping machine, hot stamping, and automatic die cutting machine to blow convex process machine. And then the hot stamping and convex. After the hot die cutting with automatic hot stamping machine. After left the previous manual hot gold to cool to hit convex, then go to die cutting. High quality cosmetics wholesale gift packaging gift box printing, speed is not only need method, and it takes strength to go to achieve. Hong Kong star, help you speed up production by 65. 5%, let you faster than peers.
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