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High-end high-end gift box manufacturers, focus on details of the factory can improve more valuable

by:Welm     2020-05-18
High-end high-end gift box manufacturers, found that most people think of gift box is boring, but only because you don't have enough boxes is different. As long as a little imagination and creativity, you will find that the gift packing box can also be very interesting. You can use countless different kinds of gift box packaging, so the custom creative gift box when need to pay attention to what details? 1, high-end high-end gift box manufacturers before production, need to make packaging more flexible in terms of design, want to make gift box more clever, then turn it into an art project! Pallets can be easily modified and decoration, so there are so many choices you can make your packaging really unique. What's so great about the pallets, from the moment you choose paper material, you don't need to do too much can make it look like arts and crafts. And, of course, you can also use the hemp rope, carpet, lace, yarn, ribbons, and other technology materials, so you can be dealt with according to the need for simple or complex. 2, high-end high-end gift box manufacturers in the production, you need to use the decoration ribbons, a simple and interesting decorative gift box around it is the method of design for color ribbon. Colorful ribbons will stand out in the flat packing packaging gift box, give a person a kind of bold and the beautiful appearance of the attractive, this is not common in the packaging. You can choose according to degree of interesting packaging and color ribbons of color. 3, introduce some elements of nature, box if you want to make you look fresh and natural, no better way than using the nature element. In the packing box to add a little bit of green plants can give you a gift a completely different appearance, make it looks more fresh, more simple. High-end high-end gift packaging gift box manufacturers, choose Hong Kong stars.
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