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High-end gift box, the product value to improve packaging

by:Welm     2020-05-19
Gifts are usually between people and products are given, so the packaging must do high-end, high-end gift packaging gift box is not just because of the packing of the product or own a status symbol. So you must be able to product value increase. Hong Kong star with proofing and printing machine not only, more with perfect the complete HouGong equipment, able to comprehensive use technology to improve product value by high-end gift box. Want to do high-end gift packaging gift box, Hong Kong star after receiving the file, see the customer's pattern. And then ask for, say what you do or high-end customers. So Hong Kong star list several to clients to confirm. 1, with special paper, so that the overall quality will be better, and can be different from other peers, better improve product value. 2, hot stamping, can on the paper with a metal texture, better add value to the product, and can let customers more profound remember hot stamping. 3, hit convex, this can let the high-end gift packaging gift box hit convex to have ups and downs, to be able to touch and visual double combination. 4, boxes, boxes and item box, to more high-end boxes, and be able to more products, the unit price is high. If you want to do can do cover to buckle up and down the sort of heaven and earth, this will very high-end. Do the customer think that no problem let Hong Kong star proofing first, after playing well to bring customers in the past. After the customer see felt all aspects are very satisfied with the order with you. Want to do high-end gift box, contact Hong Kong stars. Help you would improve product value.
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