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High-end gift box printing need to use what materials and process

by:Welm     2020-05-21
In the production of high-end gift packaging gift box, printing is a very important link, and the printing is a very big industry, because in many industries, we can see the figure of the industry, there are many kinds of printing, concave and convex printing, screen printing, printing to our colorful life feelings, both books and newspapers, we see are printed. Arts and crafts in packaging industry, the printing is the artistic creation of packaging materials, used in the production of printed materials products are varied, including wood, plastic, etc. , can be made into soft packing and rigid package, finally into products of high-end gift box. From the point of the production process of high-end gift box, printing process is very complicated. Let's take a look at the high-end gift box used in printing materials and fine workmanship. High-end gift packaging gift box packaging technology is what kind of plastic film is one of the printing material of high-grade gift box, but not easy to absorb ink. In order to make the plastic film can well adsorption on the wrapping paper, don't make the pattern on the paper or font, before printing factory for special treatment, because plastic film easily affected by temperature and change, so should consider when printing materials. Attribute, you can see how complex the printing process. When the film printing, it has a certain strength, so if there are a lot of color printing, quality will be inaccurate. How to packing boxes for plastic film is a smooth paper, no pores, ink cannot penetrate, so harder to stick it tightly on the packing surface, so I don't feel complete the design. In order to avoid this defect, we can see that the workers add additive in film, printing, additive will leak out, can be on the thin film. Formed on the surface of protective grease, is not easy to fall off. Plastic is a kind of material, because of its particularity, ink drying too fast. These features only applies to rigid package printing. On the surface treatment before printing is very important. What is exquisite gift box packaging method from this we can see that in the printing process, to produce a good quality, beautiful appearance of exquisite gift boxes, need a lot of effort, and is closely related to the printing material choice. Now more and more developed science and technology, many new materials developed at last, it will make high-end gift box packaging more environmental health. This is all the printing materials and packaging process. If you want to learn more knowledge about the packing, please pay more attention to Hong Kong stars. Hong Kong star specializing in the production of all kinds of exquisite gift boxes and packaging, can provide you with more considerate service.
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