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High-end cosmetics wholesale gift box printing, do you know what little detail is very important

by:Welm     2020-05-20
Do anything is not so simple, high-end not only needed to on the whole layout, more to do fine details. A small leak will sink a great ship, a lot of things is in detail cause the overall failure. High-end cosmetics wholesale gift packaging printing, for example, in research found that a lot of product packaging is very beautiful. But as details lead to market popularity is not high. Hong Kong star is simply what little detail: 1: when to improve product value, hard to avoid some special process. Such as hot stamping, it is important to note here try not to have big real bottom in hollow out words or patterns. Because it's very hot after will find hot stamping is a little similar to the above water mark, will be a little more or less this is no way to avoid, so this will affect the whole the grade of the product, 2: high-end cosmetics wholesale gift packaging gift box printing if it is a set of boxes, do EVA inside will be better, bottle card can be more tight, and have their own characteristics of the soft, can have the effect of buffer when collision, just don't be too dense design has put way, because at the time of loading inevitably appear fold phenomenon, this is le uneven. Want to deal with when the design. 3: high-end cosmetics wholesale gift packaging printing in screen printing UV if is very dense but a single is very small, advice is to do the overall UV, so that the effect may not be in accordance with the design documents, but make the effect will be much better than make a single effect. Make a single effect will be paste into a ball bit by bit. Is the customer experience. High-end cosmetics wholesale gift box printing, details not just these three, actually, more is to grasp the need according to their actual conditions. Now contact the Hong Kong star make excellent packing details.
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