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Heaven and earth cover of gift box manufacturers, heaven and earth cover several box type design

by:Welm     2020-06-28
Heaven and earth cover of gift box manufacturers, found that at present more and more customers do boxes will chose to build heaven and earth in the form of gift box. Actually cover points also good variety of heaven and earth, Hong Kong star today is for everyone to share. 1, heaven and earth cover of gift box manufacturers often do a more high-end elegant box type, cover up and down the length and width size, so it has the round box is among, and around the box can be a leak or not leak out, make this packaging gift box type, is very good also is very valuable. And size setting is convenient, can express design can be more comprehensive. 2, to make gift box manufacturers, has a form is covered buckle on box directly, this can't say not good-looking, but compared to the former or the former more good-looking. But the benefits of the packaging gift box type is will be more save a space, and the cost will be lower. Heaven and earth cover of gift packaging gift box manufacturers, common cover several styles of box type is the heaven and earth, hope to be of help. Want to choose the appropriate manufacturer, just choose Hong Kong star, currently has 1000 + customer provides good quality packaging.
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