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Handbags may encounter some problems in the process of printing

by:Welm     2020-07-19
Bag printing ink for the pure water system because it is over, do not use ink mixed with alcohol ink and solvent ink use or in organic solvent is added to ink, avoid cause printing quality problems. Ink appropriate is indoor, room temperature at 5 ℃ & ndash; 50 ℃ degrees Celsius. Use, the application of stir bar will ink and stir in the barrel, after measuring its viscosity poured ink tank. If viscosity too high or too low, can add thinner, or undertake recuperating thickener. 5 & ndash; Between 5, if beyond this range, can be used to regulate PH stability agent, keep the viscosity and PH value. In general, very suitable for high-speed printing, bag printing ink printing if meet boring at low speed too fast or the printing effect to Clinton, surely can increase the proportion of slow drying agent. Printing ink left over after shall collect back into the corresponding original barrels or the ink tank lid tightly, arrange another time to apply, beware because of evaporation of water cause conjunctiva, thicken and dry ink surface. 7. Handbag residues in the printing ink after printing available water washed before its not completely dry, unable to remove with clean water and ink available detergent for cleaning.
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