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Guangdong gift box, the methods to improve the value of simple enumeration

by:Welm     2020-06-24
No matter what product, the packaging needs to be valuable, especially guangdong gift packaging gift box need more valuable, if there is no value gift boxes, so consumers don't agree with products. Gift box, guangdong province, Hong Kong star of the personnel of the service can according to customer's design documents and product positioning, give a rough process material collocation, back to segmentation process planning will be roughly, to make valuable packaging. Many customers are looking for a Hong Kong star for guangdong gift packaging gift box, because itself belongs to printing and packaging and material such as the process is more diversity. Is also to the Hong Kong star can play in each link to the customer's requirements, improve the quality for the customer. He said for the method of enhancing value below. 1, the printing color will be better, because the color more than four color with bright, more eye-catching. And you can also use color to make their own exclusive color, color for the brand publicity. 2, post processing, the more valuable the more is not necessarily the process, but do it right. Here can let Hong Kong star for customer guangdong gift packaging gift box is analyzed. Make a suitable process. In general is that, if want to breakdown, will be very much. Such as coordination between hot stamping and color collocation, hit convex position, the position of light oil and so on. If you want to know the detailed methods to improve value of guangdong gift box, can contact Hong Kong stars.
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