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Gift smoked pull type of gift box manufacturers, need to design the reasonable size

by:Welm     2020-05-30
Now with the development of gift market, gift packaging gift box is also more and more rich. Smoked pull type of packaging are constantly customer choice and production. Gift smoked pull type of gift box manufacturers, Hong Kong star think must will size design is reasonable. Because if the packaging gift box size is bigger, so easy to cause the outer deformation, and it will be very difficult to draw, the experience of poor brings to the consumer. The small size of box, can let the consumer think no quality packaging products do. This shows the importance of reasonable size design. Hong Kong star as gift smoked pull type of gift box manufacturers, has ten years of actual production experience, can design good size for the customer, to let consumers have a good experience. Chang is group, is in Hong Kong star in the production of packaging, each packing will be sent to Hong Kong star actually loaded products, the Hong Kong star after receive, will be as far as possible, and in the design files will size knife line well. And proofing confirm size to the customer, after customer confirm the size and graphic information filled in, and a formal production. Gift smoked pull type of gift packaging gift box manufacturers, want size design is reasonable, choose Hong Kong stars.
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