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Gift smoked pull type of gift box, choose to have speed

by:Welm     2020-05-14
A product from the record to the production and sale, need a lot of links to cooperate among them, and it also requires planning. But many clients pull up at a gift gift box order, will find that the delivery date is not timely, make plans to change unceasingly, let time constant delay. And Hong Kong star of the delivery date can be decided by the client to match the schedule. Hong Kong star, has a new Heidelberg, Germany presses, a full set of automated production equipment, more than manual production line. No matter how much the customer on the goods time emergency, can take to the client's product ready for shipment. And of his own truck, delivery of the goods can be delivered in a timely manner in the city, the city foreign goods, Hong Kong star is around each big logistics park, freight transportation is very convenient. World big beauty, is a Hong Kong star of new customers on the Internet, in paragraphs 13 single card box and two large boxes after delivery, the customer found the two models, under the less distance the time only five days time, then let Hong Kong star urgent to present a type of gift box, be sure to catch out the goods prior to the date of book stores. Hong Kong star gift made smoked pull type of gift packaging gift box is also lived up to the customer's requirements, continuously shorten production time, on the fourth day to send the goods to the customer's warehouse in the afternoon, don't have clients have to delay the goods time. Customers choose Hong Kong star is able to meet the requirements of customers, customer's packing packaging gift box will do a good job. Gift smoked pull type of gift packaging gift box order choose Hong Kong stars. To delivery guarantee customer satisfaction.
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