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Gift packaging company, free proofing fast, for the customer to the scene

by:Welm     2020-06-13
A successful gift packaging gift box is very bad to do, because success is to let the market to speak of, and each company for market is generally not unknown. So the company in order to solve the problem of the customers of gift packaging gift box, can quickly for customers free proofing. And customers to the site. Hong Kong star printing gift packaging company, has a special proofing department. Have a special proofing designers and proofing machine. Provide samples for customers quickly. And customers can watch, and points out to change the place to change. Hong Kong star have an old customer, and have a secondary fashion, so the customer will come to Hong Kong star, the scene to see proofing ( Because it is very urgent) 。 The drafting department customer chose the paper and the packaging gift box type, proofing. After the play, the customer feel some inappropriate box type, need to proofing again. So proofing designers will list all sorts of box type for customer to choose, when customers choose the right and then to proofing. Take two days time, 12 boxes that all of the customers in accordance with the follow up with customer demands. The customer back to the company and colleagues for reference. To 12 boxes that behind all confirmed and place the order. Gift box company bought proofing equipment is to provide service for the customer, as long as can be useful to the customer, so there is no white to buy machine. Can bring help for customers, for Hong Kong star is very large with comfort. Looking for gift packaging company to cooperate, please contact Hong Kong stars.
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