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Gift packaging cartons, process scheme of planners and implementers [ JiCai think party]

by:Welm     2020-05-31
Packaging must do have value, so as to let the consumer think this product is valuable. But valuable not just the technology to the packaging, this is too grandiose. Especially gift box carton, the packing must be modest, should be highlighted in value is the premise of the product. Because the packing packaging gift box is an expression of the product rather than a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. But also can't too shabby, makes consumers, because of the packaging and give up to buy the product. Dolo much longed for commerce and trade, is the old customer Hong Kong star, often order of carton of gift packaging gift box here. Actually started cooperation, customer package of value is normal, later in the cooperation with Hong Kong star, Hong Kong star made by the previous process for the customer in more sophisticated high-end. And there is the anti-counterfeiting ability. This is because the Hong Kong star has a process planning department, is the recommended process scheme for the customer, help customers to make suitable for packaging, can according to the sales channel, the product itself characteristic, etc. , to make recommendations. And behind the actual production is also able to perform production strictly in accordance with the package. So make Hong Kong star because packaging has a value, and by many large companies listed in the designated printing and packaging supplier cooperation. Gift packaging cartons, choose process planning to be implemented with the Hong Kong stars.
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