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Gift boxes production, summed up the help to the four principles of open markets

by:Welm     2020-05-30
Gift boxes production should have protection products. Convenient and practical. Aesthetic and general features, such as to display the gift items ZhenGuiXing, manifests the gift is the affection between the giver, let's say the Hong Kong star come to the conclusion that help to open the market of the four principles: 1: high-end sex principle, gift as gift items, not only to express the giver precious, show the identity of the giver, too, the high-end sex is self-evident. Therefore, gift boxes production should pay attention to the packing materials and technology. Can the color effect of quietly elegant is rare and the use of hot stamping, specialty paper to reflect. 2: pertinence, gift boxes production often to have the same characteristics of consumer groups, more commonly used in the day, celebration, wedding, long life, pro, stability, etc, its packaging should highlight pertinence, and reflect the particularity of gifts and all kinds of different purpose. Wedding gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts such as greeting message thematic different gifts, gift boxes production according to the specific needs to be the blessings of a characteristic, as in the form of series packaging design idea. Also has exquisite on colour is applied. 3: characteristic principle, the characteristic of gift packaging is mainly for products with local characteristics, such as high rice fragrant village, Beijing, tianjin 18th street, twist and so on, should pay attention to folk custom in the gift packaging gift box production, reflecting the local characteristics, make gift packaging has deep historical background. 4: find a Hong Kong star making principles, it is a good packing is also need production team. So, find it is important for production team.
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