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Gift box wholesale, wholesale will be quick delivery capacity to meet customer requirements

by:Welm     2020-06-03
A product from the record to the production and sale, need a lot of links to cooperate among them, and it also requires planning. But many clients wholesale gift box, the delivery date is not timely, make plans to change unceasingly, let time constant delay. Hong Kong star also wholesale gift box manufacturers, delivery time can be decided by the client to match the schedule. Hong Kong star with prepress printing and after printing and other special equipment, both in terms of quality and delivery time will be able to meet customer requirements, has been with several large cosmetics company signed a annual contract wholesale gift packaging gift box manufacturers. 1, Hong Kong star with peers do not have proofing equipment, and there is special proofing designers, for services to the customers. Starting from the proofing fast one step. 2, Hong Kong star to wholesale gift box, in order to serve our customers quickly to fulfill customer orders quickly, 7 + 1 outside Heidelberg printing machine equipped with Germany, a computer can print more color. To save computer time for many times. And the color and the specialist with color, to ensure speed at the same time, also can let the quality guaranteed. 3, wholesale gift packaging gift box in order to improve the value, when there will be other processes. Hong Kong star also is equipped with a full set of automatic processing equipment, to ensure customer process integrity, and complete. Wholesale gift box, choose Hong Kong stars.
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