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Gift box where there is, the production speed is a measure of the manufacturer

by:Welm     2020-06-09
Gift box where there is, in the present age of the Internet, for the influence of the traditional industry, is a subversion of traditional cognitive. No longer like traditional age big fish eat small fish, but fast fish eat slow fish. The speed of the king's s, which manufacturers strong productivity, the manufacturer will be able to faster delivery to customers. 1, customer enquiries, quotation to online at any time for the customer quotation, Hong Kong star in order not to delay the time of the customer, hiring an offer a lot of experienced personnel at any time for customers to offer, gift box where there is? Hong Kong star quotation faster. 2 new Heidelberg, Germany, 7 + 1 a folio printing machine for the customer's packaging printing, relative to the previous printing press, the Hong Kong star one-time printing color more, more wide, and run faster. Can save time for the customer, don't and can guarantee the stability of the printing. Gift packaging gift box where there is? Printing speed quality is good. 3, Hong Kong star has a professional production team, can quickly and fine customer every packaging can will do a good job, ten years have never been customer complaints because of quality problems, and the quality inspection departments, to each package for inspection, give to the customer rest assured quality. Gift packaging gift box where there is, choose Hong Kong star has a faster production.
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