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Gift box production hard? Joint product detailed said

by:Welm     2020-06-01
A package if you want to do the product useful, requires joint products for packaging. Hong Kong star said, gift box production process, how to fit the product. 1, gift packing packaging gift box is need proofing production at the beginning, this time you need to give physical products to the manufacturer. Only such measurement is accurate, to the size of the packing box is accurate. Convenient at the back of the quotation, while Hong Kong star with proofing equipment, can more quickly to sample up to the customer, evaluation or for the record, etc. 2, before production, to make the design documents. High-end designer, the need to find a Hong Kong star has a customer call best cheung, each time there is a new product are more than one hundred flowers please a foreign designers' design. It find Hong Kong star again for gift box production, behind to sell out is really hot. For designers the direction of the production, only the direction by the way, at the back of the production to make. 3, find the Hong Kong star for production, Hong Kong star has a process planning department, well will be reflected on the packing design, in between to sublimate the product value. For now, Hong Kong star has 300 + customers, sales of products through the packaging. A gift box production hard? Then it's easy to find the manufacturer. Need to find a good gift box, Hong Kong star, make joint product of packing for you.
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