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Gift box packaging technology, commonly used to process what to share

by:Welm     2020-05-29
Want to make a packaging, necessarily will need to have a process to value-added for packaging. So what gift packaging gift box packaging production process in general? Hong Kong star has ten years of actual production time, do it today for the customer list of some commonly used to process, hope to be able to give a reference to the customer. 1, gift box packing box in the process of production of UV: is UV, UV is referred to as ', 'UV transparent oil' is the full name, is by ultraviolet irradiation can dry curing ink. UV is usually a screen printing process, now have offset printing UV. 2, flocking: brush layer adhesive is to give a piece of paper, and then put a layer of fluff like material, make paper looks and feels a little wool. 3, gift box packaging technology hot stamping: scientific name is called thermal transfer printing, referred to as 'hot pad printing, commonly known as bronzing, hot silver. There is a cold pad printing. 4, gift box packaging, craft gluing: give a layer of transparent plastic film printed paper pressure, crystal film, optical film and matt membrane, a lot of places as some different, not environmental protection. 5, hit convex, embossing: the scientific name for embossing, by pressure makes objects produce local change pattern of printing process, the metal is the edition after corrosion become pressing pressure and blank block. Divided into cheap ordinary corrosion and expensive laser cut in two. 6, bei: cantonese pronunciation for 'turtle', is the meaning of the die cutting. Can press die cutting into the shape of a packaging, let back to shape. Gift box packaging production process, to learn more, choose Hong Kong stars.
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