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Gift box packaging design considerations

by:Welm     2020-05-28
China is a country with a polite exchange. In the process of communicating with people, often can give gifts. The choice of gift is very important, the right gift can make people closer. Gift packaging design is often a person's face, level or not, a lot of time comes from the packaging to judge. In gift packaging gift box packaging design style, emphasizing a natural, healthy, kind, simple, the aesthetic consciousness of environmental protection. As gift packaging gift box packaging design, it is not limited to the market and circulation of shelves and display, and can intervene in the people's social relationship and life details. Gift has the characteristics of emotional communication, hands spread, these are disposable characteristics different from general packaging, need to have an intriguing connotation. The charm of pure and fresh, more humane design has become the focus of attention. Gift packaging gift box packaging design is generally used in festivals and celebrations, marriage, life, family members, mourning, etc, in the packaging design should highlight pertinence, reflect the particularity of various gifts and USES. The Mid-Autumn festival is a Chinese traditional festival, so even with modern western-style, packaging conveys language must also has the characteristics of Chinese culture, these characteristics fully embodied in the shape of the packaging, design, font, color, etc. For example, many design has the feeling of flowers and full moon, the color is mostly red or gold, this is a favorite holiday.
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