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Gift box order which good, compared with several parameters

by:Welm     2020-06-08
Made of gift box which is good, if anyone need to be recommended, all need to conducting comparison, only in this way can more objectively to need a recommendation. Hong Kong star will take out some plant parameters, to carry on the contrast, give to the customer more objective and more just result. 1, which made of gift box, starting from power, a manufacturer of power stronger then made to the quality of the packing and production time can let the customer satisfied, Hong Kong star has a full set of automated production equipment, can give the power to the customer need. 2, delivery speed, which made of gift box is good, delivery speed is a very important priorities. Delivery speed is slow, can't match a product online. So what kind of factory is to be able to have a manufacturer of speed? We think from prepress to printing and post-press, has a fully automatic production equipment, and has a professional production team. Not only need to complete machine, also need to have the complete post personnel. Hong Kong star has proof machine, printing machine and automatic bronzing machine, automatic die cutting machine; Has the personnel of the service personnel, proofing designers, the production designer, ink engineers, with color and so on a series of production personnel. To guarantee delivery to customers. 3, production quality, gift box order which is good, is not don't look at the production quality. Production quality needs not only has a professional production personnel and mechanical equipment, also need to have a perfect system and quality inspection. Hong Kong star has a professional quality inspection department, customer each box has a quality inspection personnel for full inspection. Gift packaging gift box order which good, choose Hong Kong star for it.
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