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Gift box manufacturers, promoting the value of packaging process

by:Welm     2020-06-01
Gift box manufacturers today to talk to you in the gift box production process, improve value what special process is used? Gift packaging gift box manufacturers found to be due to its elegant appearance, structure, the products have very good display and protection. To improve product added value. So which are generally used in the process of gift boxes to make special process? 1, gift box manufacturers, commonly used is common and laminating process, light membrane on the surface of the printing, or dumb film, can strengthen the packing structure, abrasion resistance, can also be waterproof, can improve the brightness of the packaging, or reducing the paper surface brightness, below are some of art purlin packaging production instance. 2, gift box manufacturers hot stamping process, in order to improve the grade of the packaging, gift box made by the most number of hot stamping process, the packing is now basically no hot stamping, even apple mobile phone box hot a logo. The patterns of the hot stamping is to want to gold or silver foil stamping on the surface of printed after heating, make them like gold or silver looks very high-grade. 3, concave-convex process, sometimes in gift boxes to make local design or when producing grain have the feeling of relief or Yin carving will use convex process. Been hit graphic will be presented in the form of higher or lower than paper, which shows good stereo feeling and administrative levels. 4, gift packaging gift box manufacturers UV effect, a lot of gift box surface part of the graphic has a bright feeling, many customers ask us what is this effect, this is actually a kind of screen printing process, the goal is to make local grain or by light up and seal surface color contrast, so as to obtain good visual effect. Gift box manufacturers, select the Hong Kong star can't go wrong
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