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Gift box factory, a simple process scheme is recommended

by:Welm     2020-06-06
These link in gift packaging gift box factory, a lot of people don't know! No packaging is not poured painstaking care and effort will be able to complete. Below we introduce for your analysis. Gift box factory process: 1, the choice of the paper, including appearance of material ( Special paper, leatherette paper, PU leather, coated paper, paper) 。 2, the choice of body materials ( Gray card, single white card, double white card, copper double copper card, single card, etc. ) 。 3 and production of die cutter and try and materials of beer package, after waiting for confirmation process and practices for material bulk cutting for bulk materials. 4, the assembly shop to assembly and handmade box and packing the finished products. After confirmed early draft design, proofing, is about to start in the production of large cargo, critical moment to each production link of mutual cooperation. A paper, printing paper gift box factory generally is 128 g or 157 g of coated paper, or white card, leather, gold and silver foil paper, special paper, etc. Second is conventional four-color printing, printing process, or the four color one only, etc. Third, craft packaging can bronzing, hot silver, embossing, UV, laminating, etc. Four, print the number above is the basic process of gift box factory, want to make good packaging, choose Hong Kong stars.
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