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Gift bag packaging printing does how to prevent adhesive glue

by:Welm     2020-05-28
Gift bag packaging and printing development today, the packing has been integrated with the product. Packaging is the brand concept, product features, comprehensive reflection of consumption psychology, it directly affects the desire of consumers. Therefore, professional gift bag packaging and printing enterprise generally has rich production experience, to business value and art of printing perfect fusion. But in some details, such as on the bonding process does the glue problem, also need the extra effort. Gift bag, gift bag packaging and printing in the process of packaging products, always easy to appear the following questions: after brushing glue quantity is too thick to pressing glue overflow, both affected the product is beautiful, but also prone to mutual adhesion between bags. If this kind of situation, should be air buy 2 - after the brush glue 5 minutes, wait for after adhesive is a bit dry pressing again. In the gift bag packaging printing, if there is no pressing or pressure is too small, can lead to adhesive products after bounce off automatically, this kind of situation mainly for large stiffness of the product, so pressing at least half an hour, because there are a lot of adhesive is a type of adhesive contact, so you have to make the two glued surface, effective pressure in unit time, if the viscous force is less than at the beginning of elastic products, products will bounce off, so the general products are required to have 0. 5 hours of squeezing. Gift bag packaging printing also can appear degumming phenomenon during winter season. This is mainly because some adhesive of low temperature resistant performance is not good. Below 5 ℃, the surface of the adhesive will lose activity, and led to the decrease of the sticky relay or disappear. But on a hot summer day, stick good packaging will be out in the warehouse or transportation trunk, degumming there sprang open. This is mainly because of this kind of adhesive high temperature resistant performance is not good, in the 50 - 60 ℃ temperature appeared rubber to soften and intensity decreases, resulting in packing packaging gift box come unglued.
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