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Finishing of carrier bags

by:Welm     2020-06-22
A laptop bag trims diversification, hot stamping, UV, polishing and so on printing quality surface finishing technology is carrier bags are widely chosen production process. It greatly satisfy the people to the fine, the pursuit of high-grade paper bag. Hot stamping technology and printing gold metal feeling compared to the intense, good consistency, colour and lustre and lively, more rich stereo feeling. Perfect bronzing effect depends on the temperature, pressure and speed of the hot stamping of organic coordination. Hot stamping operations should focus on the following factors affecting the effects of hot stamping: 1, hot stamping products surface smoothness; 2, the surface of the hot stamping products India post-processing technology ( Coated, oil, etc. ) ; 3, using electrochemical aluminum stamping eligibility; 4, hot plate and the condition of the hot stamping machine, etc. Hot stamping is a complex technology, fully considering the above factors in the process of hot stamping, is likely to achieve satisfactory result of hot stamping. On the surface of the polishing process mainly refers to UV glazing and ordinary glazing. Keep good gloss glazing technology can make print effect and improve the printing quality of the surface abrasion resistance, especially UV glazing and local UV glazing in the use of paper bag processing technology, make the paper bag printing layers thick dense, rich moist luster, printing outstanding theme, look and feel strong. In addition, concave and convex, 7 colour, flocking, and other print finishing process are also portable paper bag for a certain amount of use, the use of these technology can not only improve the paper bag is beautiful and fashion, and cultivate the user's life interest.
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