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Exquisite gift box manufacturers, the application of color in the design of technique

by:Welm     2020-05-17
Exquisite gift packaging gift box manufacturers will take the colour of skills should be attention from the following points: one is the color and packing of coordinate relations; 2 it is colour and colour contrast relationship. These two points is the key in colour is applied, on the basis of commodity inherent color or commodity characteristics, choose the color visualization is colour gift box packaging design is an important technique. Gift box is an important part of the goods, it is not only essential goods, play a maintenance products, easy to transport, sell, and the effect of customer acquisition, and also the image of a commodity production enterprise. Color as an important element in gift packaging design, not only plays a beautification effect of gift packaging, and in the process of commodity marketing also plays a considerable role. Use the color of the goods itself on the gift packaging color, is the most can give a person with plant-based homologous lenovo, then the connotation of the items have a basic concept of the image. Color in gift packaging design, because of its connotation, effect and the characteristics of common, in the marketing of goods, the master of marketing effect of the silent. Below to you about some of the gift packaging gift box on the color design skills: 1, exquisite gift box manufacturers using color depth contrast, this in the packaging design coloring on the frequency of the most, the range of the most widely used. Very common in many graphic design. So-called depth contrast, design should be refers to the color depth on two colors ingeniously appear on a screen at the same time, and the perspective of comparative coordination, produce class effect. To lay a foundation is usually used as the light color of large area, and on it with dark composition, such as light, with brown composition, or use in shades of brown yellow or white design line; Also like to lay a foundation with pale green; The composition of green; To lay a foundation of pink; Big red composition; Light grey to lay a foundation of; The composition of black soap, and so on. Use depth contrast, these are the colour on the packaging design in the form we can in some cosmetics on the package or on the packaging of some western wine, especially wine packaging is most common in Western Europe. Chinese way of changyu wine and shuanghui sausages and jay's meat packing are mostly in this form. This kind of packaging in Japan and South Korea are also common in Taiwan. It is shown by visual effect and lively, simple and modest, simple but elegant. 2, exquisite gift packaging gift box manufacturers, the weight of the color to use contrast ( Or call depth contrast) On the use of packaging color, this is also one of important representation technique. This weight contrast, tend to be on the impression of light simple but elegant foil a dignified deep theme pattern, or in the dignified deep theme design ( Multiple color piece design oriented) 。 Show a light simple but elegant packaging with the theme of the name, and logo or slogan. In turn, is a large area of useful dignified deep to lay a foundation of pigment. The other with light simple but elegant is tonal or focus on a certain color piece or comprehensive adornment a few lines. In this kind of weight contrast, general pigment has harmonious color contrast and color contrast of changes in temperature, harmonious color contrast methods are often the light green to dark green. Exquisite gift box manufacturers, choose Hong Kong stars.
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