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everything you ever wanted to know about pricing guns and price gun labels

by:Welm     2020-04-22
Gun tag pricing
Introduction pricing gun labels have many different sizes and configurations to fill in a variety of features.
Although pricing gun tags appear in an ever-increasing variety of usages, their most common applications are: o pricing o inventory coding o date coding or a combination of these three.
One of the most common uses of price tag pricing gun tags is price tag.
It has been used in the retail industry for more than 60 years, and it turns out that pricing gun labels are an economical and efficient product
Put the price on the item in order to facilitate the effective method of display.
Starting from the first patent for price marking equipment in 1899, the demand and efficiency of pricing guns in domestic and foreign retail departments are growing.
One of the first manufacturers to enter the labeling system used today is the monarch mark in Dayton, Ohio.
As retail became more complex and other uses of the base price gun were found, manufacturers began to add a second line of print to the price gun.
With the increase in printing, the gun now has more versatility.
The monarch 1136 is classic 2-
Line pricing gun.
The band layout here allows to print letters at the top and numbers at the bottom. Three-
With the advent of a complex inventory system, the production line price gun begins to need more information about the item.
It turns out that one of the most cost effective solutions is the price gun.
Many companies feature ergonomic design, light weight, durability and ease of loading, and now offer three
Line labeling machines maximize the amount of information that can be printed on one label.
By increasing the size of the label, not only additional print lines are added, but each line has additional bands, so each line can contain up to 12 characters, A total of 36 characters are printed on the label.
Usually, the third-line price of the gun is 8-
12 characters per line.
To change the price, each set of characters has its own knob, which is turned to determine the number or symbol displayed.
Date coding as freshness and related health issues is becoming a problem in the food preparation sector, and date coding quickly becomes a major problem in many aspects of the food preparation chain.
From harvest to processing to actual cooking, it is almost impossible to keep food within a safe use date without some form of dating.
Pricing labels have proven to be an effective and economical way to mark expired foods.
Normally, the label will be posted on the original food preparation and marked on the \"best use date.
The monarch mark has a full date coded label line for various purposes. Color-
The coded FreshMarx day label uses different colors every day of the week to facilitate better organization and rapid identification.
One of the most effective innovations of the monarch is the combination of the two.
Date/price tag.
The system consists of seven different labels, with a label for each day of the week.
Different colors are used every day, and the labels are easy to spot, eliminating errors.
For two lines of printing, usually the top row is used to indicate the batch number and bottom line used by date, or the top row is used for the date and the bottom is used for the price.
One of the most effective ways to create a continuous number label with a continuous number is to use a hand-held label gun.
As a printer and applicator, a well-trained operator can easily mark the product at an unbeatable speed.
The counter is advanced every time the trigger is pulled so that the next number can be printed.
Custom Print pricing labels all pricing gun labels can be customized with the name of the print store, logo or any information.
There will be pre-printed information or logo on the label, and there is still room for the pricing gun to print the inventory code or price on the label.
The color of the label itself and the ink used to print the information may vary, opening up a lot of possibilities.
Two-line pricing tags generally provide the option to print multiple lines of pre-printed information on the label.
The mechanism of price guns while each manufacturer will focus on the different advantages and features in the design, all price guns consist of several core elements: 1. Print head 2. Inker 3.
Label feed path 4.
Pricing the labelsPrint head print head is part of the pricing gun and when pressed on the inker it prints the selected characters on the label.
The print head consists of a series of straps.
These straps are molded rubber consisting of numbers and letters.
When pressed on the ink roller, the strap is pressed on the pricing label to form the actual imprint shown on the label.
Each pricing gun contains a limited number of bands.
The number of bands on the gun will determine the number of characters the gun can print.
Monarch 1110: the typical price gun has 5 to 6 bands.
Pricing guns are also equipped with multiple bands.
For example, a retailer may want to display the normal price and display the sales price directly below it.
To do this, a price gun that prints multiple lines has been manufactured.
Below is a possible character chart that the monarch 1110 pricing gun can print.
Note that while each position on the print head can print only one character at a time, not all characters must be printed.
For example, if a person only wants to print 4 characters on a label, you can set the other two characters to \"no print\" mode.
Two line pricing guns will hold two print heads, each holding a series of bands.
The amount of tape per print head (or line)
The manufacturing chamber is different.
XL Pro 22DC, typical 2-
The line price gun has two wires.
The top line contains 8 bands and 7 at the bottom.
This configuration allows the gun to print 8 characters on 7.
For example, this label uses 6 top bands and 6 bottom bands.
Some of the more common uses of the two-wire label are to indicate the regular price and our price.
The top line of the pricing gun will be used to mark the price tag, the price tag will appear behind the red X, and the actual price will be printed below.
In addition, the date code can use two lines of labels where the top line printed is used to represent the inventory code or a new date, and the bottom line will be used for the price or \"best use date \".
Safety seams prevent price switching when pulling down the original item, the safety seams break.
One of the easiest ways to prevent people from taking a price tag from one item and placing it on another is to buy a price tag with a safety crack.
When one tries to remove the price tag from the item, the tag is torn along a safe seam and cannot be put back on another item.
The standard is to price labels with safety seams.
There are some manufacturers of metal guns.
For example, the logo-
Line is a solid, easy-to-use first-Line price gun.
Although this gun has a firm feeling, the added weight and volume make it difficult to operate and it is not worth trading in most environments
Typical plastic price gun.
Hallmark 1-multi-function band layout
Line has a highly versatile belt layout that allows digital and alphanumeric printing. Here is a 6-band gun.
The first band can print from A-
The last five bands can print numbers or special characters.
In order to save the number of bands, the decimal point has been added to the fourth band number, and there is no need to bring the number yourself.
Each package of the pricing label is equipped with a ink roller.
The ink roller is a synthetic material similar to a sponge wrapped around a plastic core.
In the factory, the ink roller is soaked in ink, and then wrapped in air-tight plastic to wrap the moisture.
The ink roller will remain fresh 2-
Its manufacturers date after 3 years, usually will last more impression, a typical label packaging gift box.
Inker uses blister packaging to protect them as inker is not expensive and we do not recommend repackaging
Instead, buy new ones.
Each gun requires a specific inker and cannot use inker from a different manufacturer or model.
Promotional labels promotional pricing labels are labels used to highlight sales or special promotions.
These labels are generally larger in size than standard labels and are the ideal way to keep customers focused on specific details.
Monarch 1156 is an example of a promotional label.
The label itself is quite large for the pricing tag.
The label size is 0. 75\" x 1.
22 \", large band printing helps make this label stand out.
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