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Do high-end gift box manufacturers, has a sense of worth of packing box

by:Welm     2020-06-11
All the boxes are for. Cooperate with customer's product sales. And gift packaging gift box so also need to be able to not only improve the value of the product. High-end gift box manufacturers, for the customer do have a sense of worth of packing packaging gift box to help customers in the product among consumers recognized. Gift box manufacturers JiCai four had process planning departments, can better to do the customer's product packaging more easily accepted by consumers, more sense of worth. Green trade has a new gift packaging gift box to do. Gift box manufacturers Hong Kong star soon after in the customer's design documents. Let the process planning department of planning scheme, followed by several schemes are give to the clients. 1, light silver cardboard printing color black, the rest of the graphic is white. Reverse the UV is to grind arenaceous black, gold for light oil, let the customer packaging dumb light contrast, appear mysterious and have qualitative feeling. 2, with black paper to touch membrane, golden for hot laser gold, on the basis of the two colors, to add color laser laser effect of gold. Let the packaging become more elegant and chic. Customers think two schemes are very good, let gift box proofing have a look at the effect. Hong Kong star at the time of the next afternoon to customer, the customer decided to use black paper to do big goods. Behind the customer, sales of products is also very good, and is also popular in the market. Hong Kong star as gift box manufacturers, to help customers to use the packing to improve product sales. Want to do high-end valuable feeling box please contact Hong Kong stars.
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