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Customized paper bags are concerned about the most? — — The paper price

by:Welm     2020-06-27
For each laptop bag do customers concerned about most is the price of paper bag, factors that affect the price of laptop bags customized can be divided into the following kinds: 1. Any quantity, it is almost to the bag factory inquiry, they will ask for a single, no matter how much a paper bag, customized need to make a print, quantity, the more contribution to each paper bag printing price is less, so a single of a paper bag is more cheaper. 2. Paper bag of material itself, common white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, special paper that several kinds of classification. Generally the price of white cardboard and coated paper, in terms of material will not be very big difference. Kraft paper, domestic is cheaper, imported yellow kraft paper is cheaper, and even lower than the price of white cardboard, but a ton of white kraft paper than your thousands of pieces of a white paper, white kraft paper bags prices drop down naturally. Specialty paper is one of the most expensive material, seldom used in general. 3. Printing, although has mentioned this above, but here refers to a single one paper bags from the color of it to decide the price. In terms of paper bag printing industry, the price of color harmony, four-color printing, The many kinds of color printing) The price is the cheapest, the second is the color printing, the most expensive is three color or two color printing. Of course both sides paper bag printing, the price is double, the final price is based on the paper to determine the area. 4. Technique, customized paper embossing process, hot stamping process are so common, dusting process, UV process of the three. , of course, their price is also according to the area to determine, if the area is same, dusting is one of the cheapest, tipping is moderate, Hot Mosaic gold more expensive) A kind of technology, the UV is the most expensive. Of course different process will have different effects, usually do on the brand Logo. General affect carrier bags customized price the most important is that these factors, of course be light membrane and the membrane, with twine, ribbon, or round rope handle these also have some influence on the price of paper bag, but overall not particularly big difference. If you also need to be customized carrier bags, welcome to contact the Hong Kong star packaging, we will provide the best service for you.
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