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Customized packaging what are the cause of the price difference?

by:Welm     2020-03-24
We often received the customer the question, you why Hong Kong star printing plant is higher than other factory price? Every time I received that kind of problem is also very helpless, do different packaging manufacturer will have different price, some manufacturers differs a lot, which shows that manufacturer is to sacrifice the quality of the products, with the price to compete. This way, Hong Kong star is absolutely won't do, because our Hong Kong star is to speak to the quality. Under the Hong Kong star talk to everyone, customized packaging price differences in concrete is in where? 1, the packing box of the packaging gift box type different box type need to typesetting is not the same, need the number of paper is not the same. 2, packaging material, different material different prices, and the material thickness of the different price also will change, if you want a special paper that material then the price must be your points, this is understandable. 3, packaging design, packaging design is very important, can be said to be the beginning of a packaging gift box production, but also to the effect of packing packaging gift box after finished product out, even the product sales is good, design is play the role of the core 4, different packaging printing process of printing process, of course, the price also is different, for example, if you want to make your own logo more prominent, then add hot stamping process, the effect of natural than without process much better, the price also will be a little bit more, a lot of process, such as concave and convex, embossing, relief and so on, different craft, different price. 5, detail processing box packing box of the details of how, have become warped edge, stained with dust or with ink, and so on, so this aspect of the quality control is more rigorous. Well above is Hong Kong star, the reasons for custom packaging price differential Hong Kong star professional customized packaging, customers in need please contact with our customers.
In the past few decades, custom gift boxes production has increased because of the use of custom packaging.
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