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Customized gift boxes frequently encountered problems? What are those?

by:Welm     2020-03-22
Now people more packaging requirements are relatively high, especially in gift boxes, many enterprises choose custom gift boxes, such not only can make my own business identification, or increase their sales, improve their brand publicity. Whether it's your own design or request our factory to help you design, the ultimate goal is to have product recognition and build its own brand marketing strategy. Through the brand marketing, combining various aspects are unique advantages and service, in order to achieve a better propaganda effect after boost sales. In cosmetics packaging customization, divided into several custom steps, the first order gift packaging customers will inevitably have a lot of custom question, so what's the problem customers before custom usually need to know first? A cycle, custom-made gift boxes need how long? In general, the custom delivery date in turn with box type structure, production process, production quantity. From the simple structure of the socket packaging gift box type, the delivery time may be ahead of time. type structure more complicated, making the program would be tedious, printing process, the more need of time may increase some, delivery cycle length is based on your packaging gift box box type, structure, printing process, to determine the general packaging manufacturer will give an estimated time. 2, whether can provide the gift box of the sample? This is completely possible, some factory proofing is for a fee, our Hong Kong star packaging manufacturer digital sample we don't need to charge, but the big samples we need charge is. After clinching a deal amount to 25000 we are a full return the cost of the samples. What is the price of three, custom gift boxes? The price factor is even more, the first is the number of custom 100 gift boxes with custom 1000 is completely two prices, for example, custom 100 might give you 10 yuan, the custom may be as long as 5-1000 The price of $6. There is printing, color printing, paper, box type structure factors.
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