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custom packaging manufacturers: what to look for in a ...

by:Welm     2020-02-29
There are several things to consider when reviewing custom packaging manufacturers.This article will help you to know where to start...In order to get to where you are now, you have made great efforts, and of course you will try to rise from here.
You have a successful product that sells very well.Like everything in life, there is always room for improvement.Maybe not the product itself, but the way the product is packaged.
The first thing consumers see is always packaging.Before you get someone to make your package, be very clear about what you want it to look like.Your product will decide what it is.Take board games as an example.Packaging is much larger than other products.
This size can make you very creative, but for board games, there are only two packages that can be used widely if you want.Compare the monopoly size of the rectangle with the skull size of the perfect square.There are not many board games starting from this standard.
Card games are a bit different from board games, because yes, card games are very standard in deck appearance, but the packaging can vary a lot.You can have cartons placed in the counter display, or you can have cartons hanging on wall hooks.They can be placed in small containers that attract consumers, or on shelves, wrapped in cellophane.
The packaging is small, so you have to put a lot of stuff in a small area, so a great logo and name is very important to get noticed.When it comes to packaging, you can choose something that emphasizes your product, or something that is more compact in order to better place it on the shelf or hang it on the shelf.No matter how you decide, you still need to find someone to create your product.
During production, when you have to decide on the packaging manufacturer, there are several things to consider before appointing a company to do the job.1.Short Runs.Whether the company you are considering provides short-term services means that you can do a small amount of work like 500 units, or they only do large runs if you are forced to finish at least 1000 or 1500 units.2.Cost.When looking at the packaging manufacturers, see how much they cost.
Some will include design work and some will not.Some are the cost of each job or the cost per unit.Sometimes unit costs look great, but unit costs can be reduced when you find a company to do work on each project, especially if you are looking for smaller minimum orders.
Past Clients.
Who did they work for before?If you know the products they produce before you better evaluate the quality of the work.Ultimately, this is your company and you need the correct identity of your product.Quality will always exceed the cost, so you can move forward.
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