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Custom large tea gift box, the theory of how the packaging is born

by:Welm     2020-06-26
According to the different needs of enterprises, large tea custom gift box type are also different. According to the enterprise to achieve desired propaganda purpose of the packing of the products can be roughly divided into for the purpose of branding and two purpose for product promotion. Next, explain in detail how the birth of a product sample. Custom large tea gift box to be clear before designing companies want to convey what content? The content and passed to whom? Understanding these two sample design to lay the foundation for the enterprise. When to locate, manufacturers need to in-depth communication with customers, and clear enterprise samples using environment in the future. Next, in the actual production, manufacturers need to sort out a clear line, considering each plate in the enterprise sample design and divided, in order to achieve perfect effect, avoid by all means is just a simple graphic stack. And then customize large tea gift box will need to design company in the case of generally clear fine fusion of graphic images need to be concise and easy, while text need concise and smooth. After completing the above steps is a critical step - — Design. Manufacturers need to combined with the features of customer product creative process of planning, product samples for so as to achieve the goal of eye-catching. When corporate identity in all of the design and confirm the process, you can begin to customize large tea gift packaging gift box production. And Hong Kong star can production in strict accordance with the recommended scheme, for the customer to give to the customer a promoting force of packing.
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