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Custom health products box need to know what points?

by:Welm     2020-03-22
Chinese New Year is remaining distance for several years, are not excited mood in my heart. Must have friends mood is also same with me, sure to bring a gift to my parents home, parents want to have a good health, so health products is preferred. It is time for health care products company is very busy at this time, advertising for propaganda and so on, are all want to have a good sales. But want to have a good AD is propaganda light is not enough, you need to in kung fu on the packaging, a good health food packaging is not worse than advertising efforts. Care products from production to transport and delivery to customers, in the process of all these, whether to add experience to consumers, or better to create a good brand image, you must attach great importance to your health care products packaging. Below to introduce a few main points of the health care products packaging customization. 1, the price of the overall budget whether do product will finalize price budget first, general health food packaging is the packaging of the budget, the first consideration if the box is expensive, it represents a may increase the price of the product, which also had certain influence on product sales. 2, providing complete information as people more and more high to the requirement of health care products, so health products packaging are also constantly improve, transfer the all basic information through the packing packaging gift box of the health care products to consumers. Of course, can also according to your requirements tailored suits your product packaging. 3, three important information, compared to other product packaging design, health care products packaging design also have special requirements, can design, need to abide by the state administration of market supervision and management on the provision of health care products packaging design: the name of the health food, health food ( Blue hat, health food approval number, efficacy composition, the health care function, net content and so on. 4, according to the target population design packaging gift box packaging design is the key to successful launch all products. If you are a production of health food for the children, then you must be very specific on packing. The children don't like health care, they may be in consumption will temper. In addition to the taste of the children like, the design of the packaging may be a good way. 5, environmental protection and environmental protection problem has always been our packaging gift box packing box factory concerns, the custom of health care products box should consider when select material, under the premise that does not affect the quality of the material recycled material as far as possible, such not only can recycle the second, also can save your cost, also can make a depth to environmental protection.
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