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Cover the heavens and the earth of gift box customization, what are the common process

by:Welm     2020-06-27
Customers cover of gift box custom in the heavens and the earth, is hope the packing to value-added products. In the packaging production, to product value-added is the after process. Today is a Hong Kong star is in the heavens and the earth cover what are common in the process. 1, reverse the UV printing, this is a lot of collocation of positioning in the high-end product packaging, often used in a process. Because it is able to have the whole unique texture, and Hong Kong star will also be able to make exclusive lines, for the customer in the already very exquisite packaging, do more beautifully. 2, the heavens and the earth cover of gift box custom hot stamping, this is to be able to make the packaging in a local graphic information to make the effect of metal, and of course the red gold, discus gold will be Hong Kong star according to recommend the design files for consumers. After hot stamping of packaging value will be higher. 3, hit convex, that is, in order to be able to make the plane design stereo rise, and start feeling can touch, in the market, can more effectively resonate with consumers. 4, heaven and earth cover of gift box custom open V groove, this is not on the surface of the process, but the ability of technology, the open V groove inside the folded cardboard, so able to do more straight edges and corners, packaging plus for packing in details. Heaven and earth cover of gift packaging gift box customization, choose Hong Kong stars.
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