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Cosmetics box when the design main points of the need to pay attention to what?

by:Welm     2020-03-24
Now we pay more attention to their appearance, according to statistics, sales of cosmetics industry is still 20 to 40 women occupy the main body, the male consumption increased significantly, the trend of rising. When consumer is buying cosmetics pay more attention to the cosmetics brand and reputation, so if you want to leave deep impression in the consumers' mind of the brand effect is indispensable, we're going to have to achieve this effect, personalized attractive packaging. Hong Kong star with you about the cosmetics packaging gift box below what are the main points of the need to pay attention to when the design. A, outer packing to individuality prominent advantage consumers have many options, so must be conducted in an attractive way for product branding. Of course, your package should reflect your brand and the product itself, but also needs innovation and attractive. The custom packaging company cooperation and innovation can make you focus on the unique aesthetic, this will attract customers and persuade them to buy. If your product is not on the shelf, it is impossible to be bought from the shelves. So we at the time of design to protrude its own product advantages, the outer packing should have personality, instead of looking for can't find in many types of goods. 2, the safety of the packaging in addition to attract people's eyes, your packaging must also be safe. Cosmetics should follow certain safety standards. Even though they don't always like drugs and some food is strictly regulated, but they must comply with the standard tags. Most of the packaging also need to seal, in order to ensure no pollution between packaging and purchase. Because local products will be absorbed by skin, makeup brand need to consumer safety in the first place, this is also our enterprise can go for a long time. 3, according to the people to carry on the design we don't pursue too high in the design is a design, sometimes simple is the best. Are told the crowd before the design analysis and market research and their own people are the age group, different ages need different designs, 18 to 30 design can be younger, small and pure and fresh. They pay more attention to the brand and the effect of over 40, so when can we in the design of partial gravitas.
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