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Color packaging printing process

by:Welm     2020-06-24
Core consumer groups a, as well as sales, packaging design must assume a live virtual target object to represent the core of consumer groups, and consumer groups to dig deeply and in detail the core values and aesthetic taste. Virtual consumer, after the designer's goal is to build an ideal packaging, color packaging gift box packaging design has a soul. Two, are looking for other same grade separation point, with varieties, or with the value orientation of brand packaging. Color box packaging printing plant, points out that if there is a competitive products, should be the reference. If not, you can refer to the same consumers to choose other color packaging gift box packaging products. Three, color box packaging should give the people what kind of feeling, color box packaging to attract consumers, color packaging gift box packaging should show what kind of information & hellip; … You wanted to think, just do it! Four, sample test rendering and samples of packaging design. To & other; At a distance, close, touch, contrast & throughout; Samples of the manuscript. The feeling of the brand is what? It is the core of the brand logo? Is in line with the aesthetic temperament and interest of consumers? Had better put it on the shelf touch. Five, remember to calculate the cost of the new color box packaging. Six, and strive to solve the problem of before. Recommended color box packaging printing is ok for the first time, because there are a lot of change, such as the change of the national standard, formula composition change, as well as the problems discovered in the process of actual use. If first printing the amount is too large, while reducing the cost of the unit, but as a result of force majeure, probably will eventually cause some waste of packaging materials, it is not cost-effective. At the same time, the jump in the principle of sufficient capacity also can avoid the color box packaging more directly the losses resulting from the actual failure, so as to timely change and adjust the direction. Seven, the packing box production steps can be repeated in the process of change, more information, please pay attention to our web site will not be updated regularly!
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