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Clothing bags customized knowledge - _ bag manufacturer Hong Kong star material co. , LTD

by:Welm     2020-06-19
Paper bag is the best choice for packing garments, garment paper bag embodies the company's brand value and the enterprise image, clothing made paper bag need to know that knowledge? 1. Design: each garment paper bag embody certain is the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Is a general spring and summer, autumn and winter is a. 2. Different other products specifications: clothing bags, clothing of the specifications of the paper bag is determined by the size of the clothes. Spring and summer, the weather is cool, clothes as long as the thin, so at this time of the specifications of the clothing bags don't need a large, light. Let the customer to buy the clothes, can take a laptop bag to continue shopping. So the spring and summer clothing bag specifications is generally small, while autumn and winter is on the contrary, because some cold weather, clothes which wear more. So the clothes are heavier at this moment, at this moment the garment bag specifications will need to be big. You must pay attention to oh 3. Material: is determined by spring, summer, autumn and winter, spring, summer, because of his paper bags filled with clothes are casual clothes, paper bags of paper material choose 230 grams of white card. Autumn and winter because the garment paper bags are heavy layer of clothing, bags of paper material choose 300 grams of white card is in the majority. 4. Brand value: when customers carry paper bag, you want to bring others is what kind of feeling, all will pass by a paper bag, so the positioning of the brand value is also very important. Garment bag is actually a kind of mobile advertising, the use of good can bring great benefits.
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