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\'clearly stupid\': florida school shooting survivors forced to carry clear backpacks

by:Welm     2020-03-12
After organizing one of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, said they had returned to the classroom that felt like a \"prison.
After 17 people were killed in the horrific mass shooting in February 14, students are now being asked to carry clean backpacks.
Other security measures taken by the school are reported to include requiring student ID cards to be visible at any time, restricting entry points for students, and increasing the number of police officers on campus.
\"If we had more police at school, it would only make the problem worse.
We are trying to heal from the tragedy we have experienced, but we are forced to feel like prisoners, \"17-year-
Said Kay Corber.
After the shooting, school students responded.
They organized protests, starting from last month\'s \"March for Our Lives\" and \"never come again\" social media campaign, which raised funds to help strengthen gun control laws in the United States.
The students expressed concern about the new safety measures in the school.
An MSD student named Robinson told CNN that students no longer have a sense of normality \".
She said: \"It feels like being punished . . . . . . Like a prison, we get checked every time we go to school . \".
Dozens of students shared their frustration on social media, especially in response to clear backpack rules.
Robinson sees the rules as counter-productive, violating privacy, and points out that the gunman was not a school student at the time of the shooting.
Sarah Chadwick, one of the students who led the \"never come again\" campaign, wrote on Twitter: \"Tomorrow we will have to pass the security checkpoint and get a clear backpack, she wrote: \"My school began to feel like a prison. \".
Lauren Hogg joked that her new transparent backpack was \"almost as transparent as the NRA\'s [
American Rifle Associationagenda\".
\"As much as I appreciate this effort, as a nation, we need to focus on the real issues rather than turning our schools into prisons,\" Hogg wrote . \" MS.
Student Alyssa Goldfarb told others, \"I hate backpacks and I don\'t think they can solve anything, it\'s a violation of privacy, especially for students who need to carry mats and tampon or need medication.
It is not clear whether students are allowed to put a bag in their backpacks to hide their personal belongings.
\"Having clear backpacks not only makes us uncomfortable, but also is not a solution to end the school shooting and make our school safer,\" said student Kali Clougherty . \".
Cameron Karski, one of the founders of our lives, believes that Clear backpack rules are \"a step in the wrong direction\", but they urge students to move on in the fight to strengthen gun control.
Not everyone, however, supports students\' complaints about the new rules.
Many quickly pointed out that many American schools have used transparent backpacks since the 1999 colenbeen school massacre.
\"In the 2000 s, we had clean backpacks for the same reason . . . . . . I don\'t remember a big stir about it.
We went on as soon as we finished.
\"Bigger things need to worry about,\" Twitter user Shae wrote . \".
It is not uncommon for students to wear transparent bags to go to school, and this regulation has been implemented in many schools in the United States to deal with young people taking classes with weapons such as guns and knives.
He said removing backpacks is not an effective way to prevent school shootings.
Mr. Donne, director of international student safe harbor, can easily hide weapons in books, shoes, clothes or containers.
\"We have evaluated more than 6,000 schools;
We have handled more than 300 catastrophic events and 13 active shooting cases.
I say this to say that in all of this I rarely recommend K-12,\" he said. \"They [students]
Usually just hide the weapon in the bag.
They took a book, hollowed it out, and put the gun in a book.
This is not an exception.
This is a method of repeated use.
They bought all these different containers, put the gun there, or put it in the tennis shoes, or put the gun in the gym shorts.
They took a rifle and put it in an instrument box.
\"Although Mr Dorn expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the transparent backpack, he understood why the school was so eager to change policy after the shooting.
\"Whenever we encounter some catastrophic events involving students, [interest] usually rises briefly
In the backpack. .
We see a lot of schools or areas that do this for a while, but the transparent plastic is torn apart.
Also, unless you are very limited to what is allowed in your backpack, such as the absence of a textbook, the transparent schoolbag does not have much purpose, \"he said.
Ty Thompson, president of Douglas High School, asked students and families to be \"patient\" with new safety measures \".
\"I realized that some people would want more and some would want less,\" he wrote in a letter last week . \".
\"Hopefully we can get better over time --
While maintaining security, adjust the process.
\"Since then, he has thanked those students who are considered to have accepted the clear rules of backpacks.
\"We will make adjustments as needed,\" he wrote in response to the students . \".
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