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Brochures books what color printing color detection method

by:Welm     2020-07-21
The following books and periodicals printing Hong Kong star will introduce you to the color of the color printing detection: a colorimeter, colorimeter measurement is a kind of broadband filter has three special density meter, it can directly measure the color surface, XYZ color tristimulus values scale visual response. Printed books and periodicals. After conversion, get the color value measured value. Books and periodicals are printed, these values can also be converted to other unified color parameters. Printing books and periodicals. Colorimeter is a kind of broadband filter with three special densitometer. Printing books and periodicals. Because of the instrument itself, there are some error in device and principle. Books printing make eye color measuring absolute accuracy. But because the price is low, printed books are still is a kind of widely used color measurement instrument. Second, the density gauge measuring density meter is the main instrument of color separation, plate making, printing. Books and periodicals printing printing industry is the most commonly used in the form of the objective evaluation of quality. Books and periodicals printing, densimeter cheap, widely used. When color density gauge measuring surface, books and periodicals printing can only get a relative amounts of primary color ink cannot be measured indicator color hue. Books and periodicals printing, therefore, in terms of color measurement and evaluation, books and periodicals printing and densimeter has some limitations. Books printing is not a standard color measuring instrument. These are books and periodicals printing Hong Kong stars share color printing color detection method.
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