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Boutique gift box manufacturers direct marketing, packaging needs to have three big characteristics

by:Welm     2020-05-27
The pioneer of American contemporary designer, ergonomics, rafe, said: 'if a lot of people in the products block activities, designed to fail; If product makes people feel safer, more comfortable, more effective, more happiness, the design is successful. 'This is not only to the product design, also for the exquisite gift packaging gift box manufacturers selling design, modern product design should pay more attention to the packing design of humanization. Product packaging design refers to the product quality, performance, on the basis of 'in order to ensure the quality of the original state and goods transportation, flow, trade, storage and use without damage and impact. A series of technical measures taken for goods and art means. Boutique gift packaging gift box manufacturers selling, Hong Kong star think need to have three big functions. (1) protection function. On the surface is to protect goods, in order to protect from damage, if the product without packaging, will give people in the process of handling or carrying a great inconvenient, even let users were injured, so packaging actually protect the users. (2) convenient functions. Easy to make people, including the use of convenient, easy convenient storage and sales. A lot of packaging is designed to be square, in order to bring convenient to transport and consumption, such as mass transportation. (3) the sales function. Sales function is to meet the psychological needs of people and, at the same time is also a kind of display function, such as through the store this kind of special environment, can you have your product display, the effect of this draws on and packing beautification function, try to show the characteristics of the product. Boutique gift packaging gift box manufacturers selling, choose Hong Kong stars.
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