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Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is a sort of plastic blister packaging that is used for small consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. It's mostly made from thermoformed plastics. Blister packaging have a backing of paperboardaluminum foil, aluminum foil, or other sheets.


Blister packaging is a cheap option for creating packages which are lasting, transparent, and tamper proof. We create a variety of shapes and can custom design a brand new package that can showcase your product in the best possible manner. Although we strive to give our clients a very competitive cost, we're not going to sacrifice quality to achieve that. A transparent plastic blister packaging can be utilized in conjunction with a cardboard blister card to keep the product in full view for the client to examine. The blister packaging is connected to the bank card through a heat-sealing process that permits the item to be exhibited in a huge array of methods. Although this heat sealing process can be done with highly automatic equipment, the use of blister packs is somewhat confined to light weight items. For heavier contents, a plastic plastic clamshell packaging would be an excellent consideration.


Material: PVC, PS, PP, PET.

Technology: folding, punching, sealing, printing, flocking

The plastic blister packaging product's application and characteristics: Plastic-absorbing packaging has the advantages of saving raw materials and accessories, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, and meets the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging.
It can pack any heterosexual products, and the packed products are transparent and visible, beautiful in appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanized and automatic packaging, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

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