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by:Welm     2020-06-21
Expansion plan is refers to the space form of surface in the plane after she had flat graphics, is a part of the study of descriptive geometry. For made of sheet metal parts, in addition to the need to use the shape of a polyhedral orthograph said parts, but also with the shape of the graphic parts before the production sheet. According to the orthograph map on many facets of the parts, is essentially to calculate the true shape of surface. 1. Oversized bag size: 430 mm ( High) * 320毫米( Wide) * 100毫米( Side) · 2. Large bag size: 390 mm ( High) * 270毫米( Wide) * 80毫米( Side) · 3. Medium size bag size: 330 mm ( High) * 250毫米( Wide) * 80毫米( Side) · 4. The small bag size: 320 mm ( High) * 200毫米( Wide) * 80毫米( Side) 5. The small bag size: 270 mm ( High) * 180毫米( Wide) * 80毫米( Side) Customized carrier bags to choose Hong Kong star packaging, free design, distribution throughout the country. Hong Kong star packaging paper bag factory, 11 years made paper bag factory, 16 quality controls, hot melt adhesive 3 road, design, service hotline 139 - throughout the country 0652 - 6950. Hong Kong star packaging production equipment is advanced, the 7 days of delivery, paper bags custom rest assured choice.
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