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Bag printing factories of the original requirements?

by:Welm     2020-07-19
Many areas need to be used for printing, for example, we usually use books were printed lots of copies, as well as photo printing and so on. Now even the fabric, the surface of the glass products can be printed. Whatever the text or pattern, can be done through printing technology. Professional printing provides a lot of convenience for people's life. Bag printing factories have any requirements for printing file can transfer the original perfectly to substrates, but different printing methods have different requirements for manuscript. In order to achieve better effect, the manuscript must conform to the standard, to ensure the quality of printing. Printing plant according to different purposes, the manuscript can be divided into text, pictures, photos and other categories. For the original, the most basic guarantee is clear, otherwise the printing effect will be even more vague. If the original is for the sake of photography, requirements will be higher. Because we need to consider the photography of recognition, especially line drawings to darker, can more clearly. Bag printing houses have similar request for the original image, but it is important to pay special attention to the color adjustment. It must be suitable for sensitive materials, otherwise it's easy to make the print image distortion, this is very different with the original. Photography manuscript requires more complex, because there are many kinds of images, such as reflection and transmission. If all of these can meet the demands of a, and it is easy to make some photos can not reach the expected effect. But in principle, it is a uniform requirements. For example, the concentration of color should not be too deep or too shallow. It can be mild. Should have certain contrast, but not too big. Should be controlled in a reasonable range. Bag printing requirement for the original printing, are all staff through long-term experience. Only after repeated practice, can know what kind of original works best, so users should pay attention to these points before want to print. Otherwise, it is easy to waste money, causes the printing effect is not ideal, resulting in heat transfer. A lot of manpower material resources are wasted. When preparing the original, must ensure that its full enough, in order to avoid missing page. The specific requirements, if any, shall be notified in advance printing plant, so that the staff pay attention to the operation. Once the original has been confirmed, you can't get changed, especially after print out, if you want to change, should be notified in advance.
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