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After the picture album design printing factory need to do in advance what ready?

by:Welm     2020-06-15
Today, let's introduce picture album. Album is a kind of image as the main display book printing. This book is pictorial printing printing. Pictorial printing is also applicable to the company's propaganda. Materials are usually of good quality and good design. Pictorial design is complete and started printing, which should be ready for work? Next, the printing factory will introduce what printing pictorial design needs to be done after the completion of the preparation. Before the picture album design, printing, there are a lot of things to prepare. This is to prepare. A small sample is an artist, used to display the layout of the render globals. It is small, ignoring the details, but also rough. This is the most basic. A straight line or wave said the location of the text, the packaging gift box says the location of the graphics. Then, will further develop the selected samples. Second, in detail, the artist paint ads, actual size proposed candidate headings and subheadings's last words, illustrations and photographs, and use the horizontal line to represent text. Third, at the end of the draft, production has been very good, almost like the finished product. The final draft is usually very detailed, including color photographs, determine the font style, size, and matching the small picture, plus a light spray paper cover. Now, copy of the final layout and image elements of the matching is done by computer, printed products like four color samples. At this stage, all the image elements should be finalized. More than four, album embodies the manuals, information or point of sale display page look and feel. Artists using color marker and computer samples, the sample by hand on the cardboard, then according to the size of cutting and folding. For example, according to the manual sample page arrangement, looks exactly the same with actual products. Five copies, the print factory to the final, words and Numbers must be in the right place. Now, most designers use the computer to complete this part of the work, do not need to assemble the process. But some of the album is still keep the traditional layout portfolio model. Will be marked black font and artistic elements according to their own position on the blank board, and then covered with transparent paper, standard color harmonic position. Six, the last, the enterprise senior management review the concept of the selected and text. Above is the printing factory to you after the picture album design printing preparation required. The hope can give you more understanding. If you want to know more, welcome to our website!
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