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After bag printing factory how to deal with the effect of blister?

by:Welm     2020-06-22
Bag printing is one of the most popular industry today. In addition to the basic printing, adhesive and string up, usually handbags printing and coating method is by biaxial stretching polypropylene film. After coating, the product will not shine or blister. How to deal with these problems? 1, check whether the laminating machine pressure is insufficient. According to customer demand, the thickness of the paper bag is different. Silica gel between the roller and the steel drum pressure adjustments should be based on the thickness of the paper. If the pressure is too low, the film is not strong, light, easy corrugate; If the pressure is too high, thin film will wrinkle, paper will be out of shape, so as to affect the quality of the bag printing. 2, control the temperature of coating machine in the proper range. Electric heating steel drum when painting different impression, must according to the different temperature adjustment of coating products. If the base material is the gold card paper, laminating temperature should be controlled in 70 - steel roller 80 degrees Celsius; If it is a gray paperboard, temperature should be adjusted to 80 - 90 degrees Celsius. If the effect of temperature is exorbitant, handbags printing bubbles. Therefore, must according to the characteristics of the product, control the temperature of heating steel barrels. 3, control the quantity of glue laminating machine. Amount by rotating belt rubber packaging gift box in the transmission of steel roller on the sports film. Resin content control by dropping it on a steel coil steel knife control. Pressure light plastic big, heavy glue. Glue to control the amount of good, can not only uniform coverage, can produce crystal point again. If the amount is too large, covering the product there will be no luster. In the process of cementing, should pay special attention to prevent small particles and foreign bodies in rubber plate after solidification. 4, keep the laminating machine roller clean. After a long overlay, steel drum, direct contact with membrane temperature effect will leave some pieces on the steel drum. Silicone drum directly contact with the back of the products covered by paper, and the distance between the walkers separation, many film pressure buildup on the rubber drum and directly, this will affect the brightness of the products. Therefore, we must keep the roller clean, stop cleaning at any time, to ensure the quality of the handbag printing no discount. Above is how to handle bag blister after printing and laminating. I hope it can help you, give you more understanding and recognition. If you want to know more information, please visit our official website for details.
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