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a long way to go to make city plastic-free

by:Welm     2020-04-28
A team of environmental fighters are working together to get the city out of plastic bags.
Just as the world celebrated the International Free Plastic Bag Day on Monday, various organizations in the city have stepped up publicity campaigns to raise awareness about the use of cloth and paper bags instead of plastic bags.
However, many complain that the city\'s residents are far from ready to accept the change.
For the past few months, the green face environmental group has been advocating the use of cloth bags at MVP Rhythu Bazaar.
On Monday, a member of its student department, called Eco Minions, launched a publicity campaign in Rhythu Bazaar and distributed paper covers to suppliers.
Ratna Latha Panchava of green face said: \"We purchased 100 cloth bags from a wholesale dealer in Dwarkanagar and planned to sell them in Rythu Bazaar.
But the problem seems to be more about people\'s attitudes and lack of awareness of the dangerous effects of plastics.
\"When I refused to take plastic bags from the store --
Today, he was surprised and later told me that he had to provide plastic bags to customers because they insisted on doing so or they would buy members of the organization from another store.
Other NGOs, such as Sampoorna Disability Welfare Association, have been working to provide paper bags and cloth bag options as there are still very few buyers on the market.
\"Even today, we don\'t have any sales of cloth or paper bags,\" said Satya, founder of the NGO . \".
The organization supports a team of 20 women from the weaker sectors of the economy, 15 of whom are different --abled.
\"Our only regular order came from the Metro and the Museum of Eastern art on the island of Duterte.
Recently, we received a 100 bag order from Nellore.
But these are just one of them.
\"There is no case,\" said Satya . \".
A year will be held by the Rochit Memorial Trust
Long term \"say no to plastic\" campaign.
As part of this, Kirlampudi kept a booth to collect old saris and then used to make cloth bags.
On Monday, as part of its activities, the Trust distributed 2,000 bags free of charge at the Poorna Market.
\"We plan to carry out this campaign twice a month to spread awareness of cloth bags,\" said gurmet Kohli of Rohit Memorial Trust . \".
Indian social youth organized a painting competition with the theme of \"rejection, reduction, reuse and recycling\" to commemorate the International Free Plastic Bag Day held today at AU High School.
For the study, researchers defined Welm as strategies to foster some social good, including programs that benefit community engagement, diversity, the environment, human rights and employee relations.
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