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a guide to choose appropriate blister packaging

by:Welm     2020-05-04
Blister packaging, also known as the unit-
Dose packaging is very popular in the pharmaceutical industry as it offers multiple benefits.
Using blister packaging, it is easier to open the medicine, calculate the dose, prevent theft and resist natural external factors.
In order to make it more feasible, it is important to choose the right type of blister packaging that is best suited for pharmaceutical products.
The choice of the package depends on several factors, such as how it will maintain the product and the resistance strength of oxygen and moisture is required.
The type of product is also another major factor in determining the choice.
Blister packaging is mainly divided-
Cold forming and thermoforming.
They are all classified according to the materials they use. Cold-
Molding: in this type of packaging product, pack with aluminum pressing, create a shell for the tablet/capsule, and then press with plastic as the base layer.
Although aluminum is resistant to many external elements and has high mechanical resistance, in contrast, this metal has a tendency to deform other materials and create cracks.
However, this issue is adjusted including plastic and aluminum.
This package is not transparent, so it is ideal for products that need to avoid light.
Thermoforming: for this packaging, thermoforming packaging can be turned into any shape, although they do not have that much resistance to external components (like light)as cold-
Packaging can be formed because they are transparent.
This is an ideal choice for products that do not require too much light protection, as it offers a wide range of possibilities to create unique shapes and displays the product.
While the material type is important for blister packaging, the way it accommodates the product is another significant decision that must be made carefully.
This is because the style or shape of the package determines the safety of the content.
It is important for manufacturers to understand that drug packaging is more than just creating attractive packaging.
There are several common styles: Face-sealing blisters: blisters are firmly attached to the front of the cardboard card.
Flip Cover packaging: these are tightly closed to make them more stolenresistant.
They are designed to prevent anyone from unobtrusively pry open the package.
Blister cards: they have small pockets that can separate and clutch some pills or contents.
Choosing the right drug package is critical and necessary for safe drug intake.
In addition to choosing the packaging that looks good, manufacturers need to consider that, after all, the ultimate motivation of the product is to provide consumer safety when consuming the product.
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